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Crossroads Paper is developing a 100% recycled mill to produce containerboard, which is the raw material used for the manufacture of cardboard boxes. Crossroads Paper’s products will primarily be utilized in the growing e-commerce, consumer goods and agriculture sectors on the West Coast of the United States. There exists a significant gap in the containerboard supply chain in the Intermountain West region of the United States, which Crossroads Paper will fill.

Crossroads seeks to be the most sustainable containerboard facility in the United States. Its feedstock will be 100% recycled fiber, backed by multi-decade supply agreements, and the company has employed sustainable water management practices, resulting in Crossroads using a fraction of the water traditionally used by virgin fiber mills.

In concert with world leading equipment manufacturers, Crossroads expects to produce a product that is sustainable and socially beneficial, while making no concessions to quality or application relative to a traditional virgin fiber product.

By producing containerboard in close proximity to the West Coast, using 100% recycled feedstock, Crossroads will reduce harmful CO2 emissions that currently arise from the transportation of raw materials and finished containerboard to the West Coast from distant supply sources.

INCOA Performance Minerals1 supplies fine, ultrafine, and treated ultrafine ground calcium carbonate (GCC) products to the North American market.

INCOA owns and controls a mineral concession in the Dominican Republic that has over 100 years of mine life, and it holds multi-decade port and logistics rights allowing for the export of raw material. This provides security and traceability of feedstock from the company's reserve to the markets in which it is used.

The company's modern processing plant in Alabama uses innovative production techniques to manufacture fit-for-use products with excellent control of critical specifications for sale to the most discerning end customers of the GCC market.

INCOA’s unique, ultra-pure reserve allows for environmentally responsible extraction and production processes. Its mine does not require blasting, nor does it impact any natural waterways while employing a rolling reclamation process. The manufacture of the company's product suite is accomplished via a patented process that does not utilize water or processing chemicals and does not generate waste or by-products.

Sustainable mining and production processes, along with a commitment to IFC Performance Standards, provides INCOA's customers with an opportunity to replace environmentally costly components in their formulations with the company's sustainable GCC products.

1Incoa Performance Minerals is managed by Jordanelle Capital through a sub-advisory agreement with Peterson Real Assets LLC